focussing on my work-in-progress creation by Cie لبلبل bolbol the coming months: residencies, showings,...check out the brandnew teaser above! more recent work also on my instagram account @roxana.k.arsalan …but don’t worry, my acts are also going to be toured again !

5 Jan 2022 – OMA at Essai Studio ESACTO’Lido Toulouse (FR)

28 Dec – OMA at Plateau Partagé La Supérette Cauterets (FR)

13-18 Dec – MEET UP research week on feminist perspectives in circus (DE)

12 Dec – OMA at Marelle s’emballe Festival aux Ecuries Paris (FR)

7 Dec – OMA at La Farbrique Toulouse (FR)

13 Nov – CiNS at Zeit für Zirkus Festival Bremen (DE)

3 Nov – OMA at Essai Studio ESACTO’Lido Toulouse (FR)

20-26 Oct – Twenty Toes & 2balls at Storytelling Festival Austria

18 Oct – Sortie de résidence OMÂ Espace Périphérique Paris 16h (FR)

8-10 Oct – Festival Circus schreibt Geschichte(n) Oldenburg (DE)

25 Sept – PLAY NICE in Fleury Mérogis (FR)

22 Sept – OMÂ at Essai Studio ESACTO’Lido Toulouse 19h (FR)

18 Sept – Showing with the collective CiNS Oldenburg (DE)

12 Sept – Work in progress Omâ; Cie بلبل bolbol at Itin’errances (FR)

10 Sept – Présentation Projet Omâ at Rencontre des Jonglages (FR)

6-9 Sept – Residency Omâ; Cie بلبل  bolbol at La Grainerie (FR)

4 Sept – PLAY NICE at Les Croquers du Pavé (FR)

14 Aug – 2balls at Cirque au Jardin (FR)

5/6 Aug – PLAY NICE at Freudenhaus Lustenau (AT)

31 July/1rst Aug – PLAY NICE at Kultursommer Wien (AT)

28/29 July – Twenty Toes and 2balls at Olala Festival (AT)

17 June – Extract from Omâ; Cie بلبل bolbol at Fête du Lido, Toulouse (FR)

14 June – 3 July – Fallhöhen creation project with Atemzug e.V. Cologne (DE)

7-12 June – Residency Omâ; Cie بلبل bolbol at Maison des Jonglages (FR)

5-6 June – Cirkus in Soldalen, Bornholm (DK)

24 April – 5 June – Residency Omâ at Station Circus, Basel (CH)

12-14 April – Fallhöhen creation project Atemzug e.V. Cologne (DE)

6-9 April – Masterclass Juggling at ESACTO/Lido, Toulouse (FR)

22-27 March – Residency 2balls  at Maison des Jonglages, La Courneuve (FR)

20/21 March – PLAY NICE at PDCirco & Espacio Abierto Madrid (ES)

11 March – Sortie de formation FOCON La Grainerie, Toulouse (FR)

12 October – Fliegende Insel Performance and Workshops Leverkusen (DE)

24 September – Jeudi Cirque at Station Circus Basel (CH)

9 August – Buitenbende Festival Amsterdam (NL)

31 July – Festival Marelle s’Emballe (FR)


17-19 February – CiNS Project „Remembering for the Presence Lissabon (PT)

18 January – Madfest Madison Juggling Festival (US)

11/12 January 2020 – Aerial Master Class at ZAK Köln (DE)

07/08 December – Aerial Master Class at ZAK Köln (DE)

29 November – Duo „play nice“ Teatro Furio Camillo Rome (IT)

12 November – Duo „play nice“ at Sisters of Comedy Bochum (DE)

12 Oct-03 Nov – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Bielefeld (DE)

06 Sept-06 Oct – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Saarbrücken (DE)

26/27 August – Duo „play nice“ Performance Paderborn (DE)

21-24 August Duo „play nice“ Festival Aurillac (FR)

03-08 August – European Juggling Convention Newark (UK)

24-28 July – Duo „play nice“ Chalon Dans La Rue (FR)

09 July – Duo „play nice“ Zirkus Zapellini Theater Nordhausen (DE)

22 June-13 July – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Münster (DE)

12-16 June – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Köln (DE)

09/10 June – Duo „play nice“ Festival Perspectives Saarbrücken (DE)

08 June – Duo „play nice“ Cirqu’Aarau Festival (CH)

08 May- 02 June – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Köln (DE)

03-28 April – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Gelsenkirchen (DE)

21 January – Duo „play nice“ extract Kulturbörse Freiburg (DE)

12/13 January – Duo „play nice“ Pfefferberg Theater Berlin (DE)

1-5 January – Cirque Romanès