2020 brought surprises – amongst others the start of my new solo project „Omâ“ that I am currently following a project development course at ESACTO/Lido Toulouse with!! 2021 is full of hope, plans and ideas: I will complete the work of my new 2-ball act (almost-contorsion, absurdness and some laughter) and I appreciate more than ever teaching and coaching again and of course play all those shows planned for last year, thats where the hope comes in...check out recent work also on my instagram account @roxana.k.arsalan

24 April – 5 June – Residency „Omâ“ at Station Circus, Basel (CH)

12-14 April – „Fallhöhen“ creation project, Cologne (DE)

6-9 April – Masterclass Juggling at ESACTO/Lido, Toulouse (FR)

30 March – 2 April – Residency „Omâ“ at MJC Croix-Daurade, Toulouse (FR)

22-27 March – Residency 2balls  at Maison des Jonglages, La Courneuve (FR)

20/21 March – PLAY NICE at PDCirco & Espacio Abierto Madrid (ES)

11 March – Sortie de formation FOCON La Grainerie, Toulouse (FR)

12 October – Fliegende Insel Performance and Workshops Leverkusen (DE)

24 September – Jeudi Cirque at Station Circus Basel (CH)

9 August – Buitenbende Festival Amsterdam (NL)

31 July – Festival Marelle s’Emballe (FR)


17-19 February – CiNS Project „Remembering for the Presence Lissabon (PT)

18 January – Madfest Madison Juggling Festival (US)

11/12 January 2020 – Aerial Master Class at ZAK Köln (DE)

07/08 December – Aerial Master Class at ZAK Köln (DE)

29 November – Duo „play nice“ Teatro Furio Camillo Rome (IT)

12 November – Duo „play nice“ at Sisters of Comedy Bochum (DE)

12 Oct-03 Nov – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Bielefeld (DE)

06 Sept-06 Oct – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Saarbrücken (DE)

26/27 August – Duo „play nice“ Performance Paderborn (DE)

21-24 August Duo „play nice“ Festival Aurillac (FR)

03-08 August – European Juggling Convention Newark (UK)

24-28 July – Duo „play nice“ Chalon Dans La Rue (FR)

09 July – Duo „play nice“ Zirkus Zapellini Theater Nordhausen (DE)

22 June-13 July – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Münster (DE)

12-16 June – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Köln (DE)

09/10 June – Duo „play nice“ Festival Perspectives Saarbrücken (DE)

08 June – Duo „play nice“ Cirqu’Aarau Festival (CH)

08 May- 02 June – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Köln (DE)

03-28 April – LA FOLIA Cirque Bouffon Gelsenkirchen (DE)

21 January – Duo „play nice“ extract Kulturbörse Freiburg (DE)

12/13 January – Duo „play nice“ Pfefferberg Theater Berlin (DE)

1-5 January – Cirque Romanès