trapeze workshops / individual classes

Roxana teaches trapeze with a focus on movement research and creativity. Having developed a very personal style and way of working she aims to encourage students to find their own body language and expression in circus. Improvisations and methodic movement research make the students aware of the huge range of possibilities that can either lead to new techniques or artistic work on acts.

juggling workshops

In juggling workshops Roxana introduces to foot juggling and antipodism. Also, the use of foot juggling in every one’s individual way of juggling and the potential of juggling to create movement and theatrical phrases are explored.

teaching references

Academy for Circus and Performance Art Tilburg; Zirkus- und Artistikzentrum Köln; Aerial Arts Festival / Luftartistik Festspiele Berlin 2016; Teatro Mandril Buenos Aires Master class trapeze; Desierto Convention Comodoro Argentina 2016; Die Etage Schule für Artistik Berlin; Zirkus macht stark Projects 2016/17; Battiti Festival for Aerial Theater Teatro Furio Camillo Rome 2015; Künste öffnen Welten 2013; Circo Hannover, Zirkusschule Seifenblase Oldenburg and others